My first post

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It has been a long time since I decide to run a new site. I started in 2009 and since then my posting rhythm has decayed dramatically due to -mainly but not only- lack of time.

Olemania will continue online for a while, but I felt I need a more personal blog, a place to share themes and ideas I’m interested in, even though there were no logical connection among them.

In my pursuit of a new blogging technology, I came across jekyll and its idea of generating static html pages, no database, etc. The idea of keeping the site local and generate the htmls just for uploading the content to server caught my attention from the beginning. As programmer, this is a more logical approach for me than having to deal with wordpress+MySql. It looked if you are ready to get your hands dirty on Ruby - as I am- jekyll looks promising. Last but not least, keeping your content locally allows you to version with git, and if you host in GitHub, as my case is, you get backups for free. What else could I ask for?

So here I am. Time will say if jekyll was a good choice, but given all the current buzz on it, I think it was a good choice.